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US 2020 Dashboard: Live insights on information disorder

Our dashboard offers insights daily for an at-a-glance snapshot on what our investigative research team sees online. We’ll provide context and suggest how to proceed with the information for your audiences. Journalists can request access to @FD_Update for more team insights.

Countdown to inauguration









Ads of interest

The Heritage Foundation is running an ad that implies non-citizens are voting in US elections. The ad advocates voting in conservative leadership to stop this alleged problem. 

Potential Reach: >1M people
Impressions: <1,000
Amount Spent: <$100

Turning Point Action is running an ad that claims antifa is “killing innocent Americans.” Despite being a youth-focused organization, the ad is targeted primarily to men aged 65+. 

Potential Reach: 10,000 to 50,000 people
Impressions: <1,000
Amount Spent: <$100

Adjusting Tweetdeck engagement filters

One way to catch viral claims about the election on Twitter is to cast a wide net with your search terms in Tweetdeck and set engagement filters to high and enable desktop notifications.
  • Add a “Search” column to Tweetdeck
  • For example, copy and paste this query into Tweetdeckballot OR fraud OR polls
  • Set engagement filter to 1,000 retweets
  • Click “Preferences” and enable desktop notifications

Top related topics on Google Trends for “election results”

Three of the top five related queries for “intimidation” in the past 24 hours point to concerns around the Proud Boys. The top query is Daniel Ubeda, the police officer in Miami who was photographed in full uniform and wearing a Trump face mask outside of a polling location. Newsrooms may encounter comments that call for Ubeda’s termination and linking conspiracy theories about his intentions. Consider reporting on the rules on what is allowed at polling locations in terms of police presence and political activities.
  1. daniel ubeda
  2. proud boys voter intimidation
  3. proud boys
  4. where to report voter intimidation
  5. fbi voter intimidation

Today's Twitter list

We’re tracking two legal stories: the Department of Justice’s Google case and the impact of the SCOTUS ruling on Pennsylvania’s vote. Follow legal reporters and experts on this list.

Misinformation targeting Latinx communities

In her latest show, journalist Dania Alexandrino repeats claims made by National Intelligence director John Ratcliffe about a lack of intelligence linking emails allegedly sourced from Hunter Biden’s laptop to a “Russian disinformation campaign,” although reports say the FBI is in part investigating Russian provenance. These emails, with disputable origins, sparked accusations of corruption against Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. Alexandrino and her guests claim the media is not covering the story because of political bias favoring Joe Biden. Her show has been viewed more than 5,000 times on Facebook.

Today's tip

Finding election misinformation locally

How to set up Boolean queries to find specific things on the social web, which comes in handy during breaking news situations.

Stacy-Marie Ishmael on social media reporting

“We have to treat social media with the same rigor as other outlets,” says  Stacy-Marie Ishmael, editorial director at the Texas Tribune.

Misinformation from the frontline: Florida

A Latinos for Trump car caravan billed as representing Nicaraguan, Venezuelan and Cuban people living in South Florida drew hundreds of cars over the weekend, reported the Local10, a Miami-based ABC affiliate. The station noted that the Miami Police Department told the station it does not estimate crowd sizes, contradicting an online rumor that the the police had counted the crowd at 30,000 cars.

Google Trends

Google Trends data helps you to see what topics people are searching for. This can be useful as a tool for understanding what topics people are confused about, and if you’re a journalist it might serve as inspiration for a story idea.

CrowdTangle dashboards

Our team has assembled CrowdTangle dashboards on these key election topics. The dashboards surface top posts with problematic search words on Facebook, Instagram and Reddit.

Swing State Displays: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Virginia

Breaking headlines

Election news updated every 15 minutes from News API, from Google News.

Top Wikipedia articles

Top pages in Wikipedia are one indicator of public interest. Like Google Trends data, it can help journalists think about potential story ideas.

NewsWhip trending articles

The top five articles according to NewsWhip’s analysis tool, which gauges public interest around a topic or theme.

Top Facebook posts

From NewsWhip, these are the most over-performing posts across Facebook.