May 07, 2020

When it comes to scientific information, WhatsApp users in Argentina are not fools

A new study suggests audiences in the country are often comfortable differentiating between factual and misleading information on the messaging platform.


February 19, 2020

First Draft case study: Exploring the controversy around Dengvaxia and vaccine misinformation in the Philippines

Since the Dengvaxia controversy, the confidence in vaccines among Philippine parents plummeted from 82 percent in 2015 to only 21 percent in 2018.


February 19, 2020

First Draft case study: Understanding the impact of polio vaccine disinformation in Pakistan

How false rumors and disinformation about the polio vaccine spread on Pakistani social media, heavily impacting polio eradication efforts on the ground.


June 27, 2019

Comprova: An Evaluation of the Impact of a Collaborative Journalism Project on Brazilian Journalists and Audiences

An ambitious, collaborative journalism project that focused on verifying or debunking questionable stories published on social media.


November 16, 2017

The Impact of CrossCheck on Journalists & the Audience

In-depth interviews and surveys found that the collaboration was credible, and taught verification skills


October 31, 2017

Information Disorder: An interdisciplinary framework

Our new report for the Council of Europe aims to bring structure to conversations about misleading and malicious information


November 30, 2015

Making Secondary Trauma a Primary Issue

This report presents the findings of an in-depth study into the impact that viewing traumatic eyewitness media has upon the mental health of staff working for news, human rights and humanitarian organisations.


July 01, 2015

‘It’s Genuine, as Opposed to Manufactured’

A study to understand UK news audiences’ attitudes towards eyewitness media, a subset of user­‐generated content


May 12, 2015

A Global Study of Eyewitness Media in Online Newspaper Sites

An in-depth analysis of how much eyewitness media was used by eight major newspaper websites over a three week period