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Unit outline

  1. Learning objectives
  2. Unit 2 outline
  3. Video: Introduction to verification as process
  4. Video case study: Khan Sheikhoun
  5. Video: The challenge of dealing with scrapes
  6. Video: Metadata explained
  7. Video case study: Florida fireball
  8. Video: Intro to reverse image search
  9. Video: Google reverse image search
  10. Video: Using TinEye
  11. Video: How to find a post’s unique identification code
  12. Video: Photo manipulation
  13. Video: Using Izitru
  14. Group task: Scavenger hunt
  15. Discussion: Does verification matter to the audience?
  16. Video: Visual verification clues
  17. Assessment Part 1: Observation Challenge
  18. Assessment Part 2: Provenance assessment
  19. Unit 2 reading list
  20. Unit 2 toolbox