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Covering coronavirus: An online course for journalists

This online course gives journalists the practical tools, techniques and advice they need to tackle the infodemic and produce credible coverage on coronavirus. 

Alongside the rapid spread of the coronavirus, an ‘infodemic’ is also on the march. Misleading or incorrect information about the disease, how it spreads, and how we can protect ourselves against is increasing. We are also overwhelmed by accurate sources of information about the pandemic. This complex digital environment presents challenges to journalists and reporters. But we can work together to meet them.  

First Draft has designed “Covering coronavirus: An online course for journalists” to help newsroom and communications professionals tackle the challenge posed by this infodemic. This course is available in 6 languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, German and Hindi. 

The course explains how and why false information spreads and provides tools and techniques for monitoring and verifying information online. It also offers advice on how those covering the crisis every day can protect their own mental and emotional well being. 








By creating this practical online course, we hope to help journalists slow the spread of misinformation and produce credible and reliable coverage for their audiences, at the time they need it most. Sign up now at

The course includes: 

  • How to understand information disorder, as wells how and why false information spreads
  • How to monitor for coronavirus-related information on the social web
  • The main tools and techniques for verifying content online
  • Best practices to slow down the spread of misinformation  
  • How to look after your own mental health while covering a pandemic

The course features two hours of brand new training material, created by different members of the First Draft staff. It’s designed so you can run through the material sequentially, or dip in and out of the different modules.

Everything has been designed to be bite-sized so busy reporters can find time to develop skills, learn about best practices, and discover new tools and techniques. It also works beautifully on mobile phones. 

How to sign up

Step 1 – Head to and create a free account.

Step 2 – Tell us a little bit about yourself. Your preferred language will set the courses you can see. You can select more than one if you’re multilingual.

Step 3 – Once you’re in the landing page, click on the big banner image that says “Find out more about First Draft Courses by clicking here”.

Step 4 – Select “Covering coronavirus – an online course for journalists” and click ENROLL.

You’re in! We know that if you’re a journalist right now, you’re probably struggling to find time for lunch. We have designed the course to be snackable. You don’t have to go through the modules in any specific order. Pick what you like and dive in. 

We’ve made the videos as short as possible. A couple of videos are longer, but most are two to three minutes long. We’ve also repeated key information in the text below so you can scan there if you don’t have time to watch.