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Live simulations


First Draft is helping newsrooms to prepare for online threats with a new series of immersive training events.

Live simulations place journalists at the heart of a high intensity breaking news story, challenging them to make reporting decisions in real time. Participants also receive masterclasses on online newsgathering, verification and known tactics being used in 2020.

Following simulation events in the UK, Ireland and France, we have ten scheduled across the US in the first months of 2020.


Surfacing vulnerabilities


For journalists and editors, simulations will highlight the threat of escalating rumours or coordinated online attacks, with a particular focus on elections. 

They will provoke reflection on the readiness of their newsroom, and the industry as a whole, to respond to escalating online threats. By exposing gaps in protocol, newsrooms will be able to surface their vulnerabilities and produce an action plan for strengthening their resilience.

For technology platforms and community leaders, simulations are designed to provoke discussions about strategies for having a positive influence during breaking news events where disinformation and media manipulation are at play.

US 2020


Over the next 12 months, First Draft will conduct 14 live simulation events across the US that will immerse journalists in a disinformation crisis scenario. First Draft is working in tandem with technology platforms and community leaders to focus the simulations and will hold two major summits to help coordinate strategies for how to respond to disinformation crises.