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CrossCheck: Together, Now.

The story so far

First Draft pioneered collaborative reporting around elections in the US, Australia, France, UK, Germany, Brazil, Nigeria, Spain and the EU, showing that competing newsrooms can work together for more effective, efficient and responsible reporting. Research into CrossCheck in both France and Brazil found that the model works. It has significant impact on participating journalists and newsrooms in sharing skills and reaching new audiences, and likewise has a clear, positive impact on audiences, helping them make better-informed decisions. CrossCheck is supported by the Google News Initiative.


Reporting in an age of disinformation

The threat of online disinformation and the tactics of media manipulation have become increasingly present and complex to navigate. We’re in this together and it is happening, now. 

CrossCheck is dedicated to building a sustainable model of newsroom collaboration. We now need a model that goes beyond election periods and national borders, empowering journalists to respond to the evolving challenges of digital journalism by working together.


Benefits of CrossCheck

Organisations that own their publication channel, are editorially independent, and commit to CrossCheck’s Community Standards and Guidelines, are eligible for membership.

Members of CrossCheck will gain access to:

  • Support around media manipulation
  • A global community of reporters and topic specialists
  • Collaborative investigations and content verification
  • Timely discussions on responsible handling of disinformation
  • Training resources and regular webinars
  • A database of previously crosschecked reporting
  • Invitations to live simulations and regional meet-ups