CrossCheck UK
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CrossCheck UK

CrossCheck UK

First Draft is in the process of expanding CrossCheck, a global network of reporters and researchers that collaboratively investigates online content during elections and beyond. In the US, France, Brazil, Nigeria, Spain, Australia and the EU, CrossCheck has shown that competing newsrooms can work together for more effective, efficient and responsible reporting.

As part of this expansion, and in anticipation of a possible general election, First Draft has set up a dedicated workspace for CrossCheck in the UK. We are providing alerts, facilitating collaborative reporting and investigating suspicious online content and behaviour that may cause harm.

How it works

CrossCheck applies the monitoring, newsgathering and verification techniques that have made First Draft a leader in the field of tackling disinformation. The project’s editorial output is committed to providing context and analysis to newsworthy information with transparent, responsible and evidence-based reporting. CrossCheck investigations inform newsrooms’ stories, and First Draft’s own reporting can be found at the bottom of this page. 

CrossCheck is not a fact-checking service. We will debunk obvious falsehoods and present evidence around disputed online material, but CrossCheck is dedicated to the stories and context behind disinformation rather than labelling individual pieces as true or false.

News organisations are free to publish their own stories around findings from CrossCheck investigations. We ask that authors include a line in their reporting that credits CrossCheck and any work contributed by others.

Join CrossCheck

If you are a journalist in the UK and want to participate in CrossCheck, get in touch.

We want to include the voices and expertise of a wide range of journalists from across the country to provide the best possible insights as the UK faces a possible general election. Voters will have to navigate a multitude of competing claims about what and who can be trusted. The more skills and resources we can bring together, the more efficient and effective our reporting will be.

If you want to join CrossCheck but you’re not in the UK, we still want to hear from you. You can nominate yourself to join the wider network which we are in the process of expanding to more countries in the coming months.