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Protect your voice: a toolkit for influencers and celebrities in Australia and New Zealand

Avoid amplification

Audiences receive information from a range of sources, including the influencers they follow. But influencers can be targeted by those trying to spread disinformation in order to amplify their false stories. Influencers in Australia and New Zealand are not immune, so we’ve developed this guide to help you protect your voice.


Dodge disinformation

Social media celebrities can unwittingly be used as a powerful vector in promoting false information and conspiracy theories. Mis- and disinformation relating to the Covid-19 pandemic, bushfires, 5G and other conspiracy theories has proliferated across the globe.

Spread the knowledge

Anyone with a platform has a voice. And anyone with a voice has the power to influence. The lessons in this toolkit and the conversations from First Draft’s seven-day social media campaign will help all of us play a part in cleaning up our information environment.


Browse the toolkit

Full of resources and guides, our Protect Your Voice toolkit is a vital asset to help you not only protect your voice but avoid being a misinfluencer.

Download the Protect Your Voice toolkit here.

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