US 2020 Spotify Soundcheck Toolkit - First Draft
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US 2020 Spotify Soundcheck Toolkit

Dodge disinformation

First Draft is proud to have collaborated with Spotify on a pioneering new toolkit, aimed at helping podcasters avoid the pitfalls of disinformation around the US election. The toolkit helps podcasters understand the different types of disinformation, how and why it gets shared, and how to talk about and verify it.

Avoid amplification

Podcasters have large audiences and hugely influential voices, and are frequently targeted by those trying to spread disinformation to amplify their false stories. Like any other information source, podcasters can unwittingly add fuel to the fire of emerging rumors, so it’s important they understand how to dodge disinformation.

Spread the knowledge

It’s not just podcasters that need to be wary of disinformation. Anyone with a platform has a voice. And anyone with a voice has the power to influence. The lessons in this toolkit and the conversations from our live chat will help all of us play a part in cleaning up our information environment.


Browse the tookit

Full of useful resources and instructive guides, this toolkit is yet another vital asset to help us counter and disrupt disinformation during election season and beyond.



Watch the Creator Soundcheck

Spotify’s Anchor and First Draft hosted an Instagram Live chat on Friday, October 23 at 12:00 pm EST to dive deeper into the issue of disinformation and discuss ways the podcasting community can mitigate its impact. You can catch up on the conversation below. 



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