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The story so far

First Draft has provided training, financial and technological support to Verificado.UY, a verification collaboration launched by a coalition of newsrooms, academics, universities and civil society professionals in Uruguay. Verificado.UY takes inspiration from similar successful collaborations around the world, pioneered by CrossCheck France in 2017. These notably include First Draft’s Comprova project in Brazil, and Verificado in Mexico. The project is independently owned and managed by the coalition and First Draft is proud to provide continued guidance and opportunities for international recognition and expanded cross-border investigation as part of its growing, global CrossCheck network.

The purpose

Verificado.UY is an independent coalition collaboratively tackling disinformation in the context of Uruguayan 2019 presidential elections in October 2019. It will focus on two types of content: rumors spreading on social networks, and the statements of politicians and candidates for government positions.

Over 30 partners from broadcast, online and print media, and academia, will work together to verify misleading and false content and claims, and ensure information quality surrounding the vote. Follow their social posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

What’s next

This initiative is focused from its conception on the verification of misinformation that affects the electoral campaign and will conclude in November 2019.