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Playing catch-up?

Watch all of our previous webinars on demand

We regularly host webinars to help reporters and the wider public understand and manage misinformation. They are full of friendly faces, intelligent insights and pearls of wisdom to keep you on the front foot when it comes to false rumors and misleading information.


Finding stories on social

Learn how to search for stories using newsgathering and monitoring techniques on the social web.

Reporting on TikTok

In this webinar we show how journalists can effectively monitor the trends and content being shared on TikTok to inform their reporting.


Finding stories on WhatsApp

A discussion on the practical and ethical challenges of monitoring WhatApp for Covid-19 stories.

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How to spot suspicious activity

In this webinar we show you how to watch out for inauthentic and coordinated online activity, including bots, sock puppets and cyborgs.

Verification on the go

This webinar gives you the tools and skills needed to use your mobile device to verify online content. 

Building resilience

Building resilience against vicarious trauma

A conversation on what journalists, researchers and fact checkers can do to look after their mental health while covering misinformation. 

Mental wellness and vicarious trauma

A discussion on how information providers can protect their staff’s mental wellness as they report on the coronavirus pandemic.


Privacy and security tips

This talk provides privacy tips for journalists and researchers, covering topics such as identity, vulnerability and security.


Lessons from #US2020

Journalists, editors and community leaders come together to consider the lessons learned from covering the 2020 US election.

Using Facebook Ad Library

This webinar explains the fundamentals of searching and understanding the Facebook Ad Library.

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Public interest

The psychology of misinformation

Listen to experts in psychology explain why the human mind is so susceptible to believing and sharing misinformation.

Information sharing for communities

This session discusses how communities can avoid misinformation and contribute to the circulation of accurate reporting during an infodemic.


Global voices in reporting

Global voices in reporting: Part 1

The first in this webinar series discusses how we can include more global voices in our reporting, with a focus on India and South East Asia.


Global voices in reporting: Part 2

In the second episode of our global voices series, we explore the work carried out by Africa Check in African communities.

Global voices in reporting: Part 3

The third episode in our global voices series shines a spotlight on combating misinformation in under-resourced languages.


Tracking the infodemic across social media

Our team of researchers and reporters reveal the lessons they learned while tracking the coronavirus ‘infodemic’ over a six month period.


Reporting challenges around coronavirus

This webinar shares best practices for keeping on top of trends, slowing down misinformation and reporting on the pandemic.


Coronavirus resources for reporters

This webinar reveals the importance of headlines, images and data visualisations when covering coronavirus.

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Infotheque 2020

Claire Wardle in conversation with Vanita Gupta | #Infotheque2020

The opening Keynote for Infotheque 2020 sees Civil Rights Attorney, Vanita Gupta in conversation with First Draft’s US Director, Dr. Claire Wardle.


How local newsrooms confront misinformation | #Infotheque2020

This webinar looks at how misinformation has flourished at a local level in US states and communities, and transformed local elections.


Election reporting in unprecedented times | #Infotheque2020

This Q&A with Jessica Huseman, ProPublica, and Tammy Patrick, Democracy Fund, provides an understanding of how voter suppression works around key elections.

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