Test your verification skills with our Geolocation Challenge


Have you mastered using online maps to verify newsworthy images?


How can you find out where those bombs are falling? Or where those jihadists filmed their propaganda video? Or if that picture is really of a terrorist attack in Turkey?


Geolocation is a vital step in the process of verifying newsworthy images, many of which provide visual clues to identify where they were captured. Take our geolocation challenge to learn some expert techniques and practice navigating street view, searching for landmarks, viewing historical imagery and measuring distances.


We’ve used Google Maps here but it’s worth getting to grips with other mapping services and sources of location imagery too. The Russian Yandex Maps includes street view images in parts of the world Google does not, like Belarus and Kazakhstan, and Baidu Maps has a street view option for some Chinese cities.


Ready? You’ll need to open a few extra tabs in your web browser so we recommend using desktop rather than mobile for this challenge.