A pocket guide for verifying details of a video

Three case studies on how Reportedly verified videos and photos of airstrikes in #Syria and a rocket attack in #Ukraine

At Reported.ly, we look at videos frequently, especially those from citizens. We treat these videos as tips and always strive to verify them through our own process and help from the community.

Here, managing editor Malachy Browne walks you through how he verified videos of an airstrike in Syria.

Second case study — verifying video of deadly rocket attack on Kramatorsk

Third Case Study — ‘bloodied’ streets of Duma after four-day siege

Malachy Browne made contact with the photographer working with Reuters based in Duma (his details were geolocated).

Malachy Browne from Reported.ly first published this on Jan 23, 2015 at https://firstlook.org/reportedly/2015/01/23/pocket-guide-verifying-details-video/. We have reproduced it here as part of The First Draft collection.