Covid-19 Vaccine Research Reports - First Draft
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Covid-19 Vaccine Research Reports

Since the beginning of the pandemic, First Draft has closely monitored, investigated and researched Covid-19 misinformation around the world. A large part of this work has involved studying the core misleading vaccine narratives that have contributed to eroding trust in Covid-19 vaccines. This also included examining the role of social media companies in amplifying health misinformation; how journalists in some instances failed to responsibly report on Covid-19 vaccine misinformation; and how a failure to bring nuance to conversations surrounding Black and Hispanic communities resulted in its own form of misinformation.

Here we bring together five reports that we have published over the course of the pandemic. With these research reports, we hope to provide insight to journalists, researchers and those in public health who want to understand and act on problematic vaccine narratives.


A Limiting Lens: How Vaccine Misinformation Has Influenced Hispanic Conversations Online

First Draft’s latest research explores Covid-19 vaccine misinformation surrounding Hispanic communities on Telegram, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Covid-19 vaccine misinformation and narratives surrounding Black communities on social media

First Draft examines Covid-19 vaccine misinformation affecting Black communities on social media and offers recommendations to journalists, health experts and social media platforms.

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Covid-19 vaccines: A leap of faith and the power of trust among Black and Hispanic communities

A qualitative research study unpacking the factors influencing Covid-19 vaccine uptake in Black and Hispanic communities in the US.

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Disinformation exports: How foreign anti-vaccine narratives reached West African communities online

This research takes a look at how North American conspiracy theories and pro-Russian vaccine disinformation reached West African communities on social media.

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Under the surface: Covid-19 vaccine narratives, misinformation and data deficits on social media

This research identified dominant vaccine narratives on social media platforms in English, French and Spanish online communities that had the potential to erode public trust in a Covid-19 vaccine, and vaccines more generally.

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